Ascaso "Basic" (Pablo) Coffee Machine, White

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The Ascaso Basic (Sometimes also known as Pablo) is a sleek and gorgeous model. It has all the same great features as many much more expensive machines: brass boiler for consistent hot water, powerful steam supply, a 16-bar pump and heavy-gauge chromed brass filter holder. These machines are mainly useful for Domestic / Home use, and aren't really suitable for commercial applications.

The design is streamlined and simple. Same colour all-over and with smart blue pilot-light. The Basic has received a lot of attention at recent trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the world for its simple design and excellent performance.

Pablo or Basic by name, but it certainly is not by nature. It is Ascaso's entry level espresso machine; however, it is designed with longevity in mind and fitted with the same high quality components as the other machines in their range. The fact that the Basic has a brass boiler sets it head and shoulders above other espresso machines in this price bracket; making the Basic fantastic value for money.

The BASIC features simple to use controls (power on/off, coffee, and steam), a powerful pump and a brass filtter holder with matching plastic handle, an efficient heating element for steaming milk and making hot water, special milk frothing aid on the steam wand, a removable water tank, a cup warming surface and a removable drip tray. All this in beautiful, compact, ABS plastic housing.


  • Water tank: 2 litres
  • Recommended tamper size: 57mm
  • Bodywork: ABS palstic
  • Weight: Approximately 8 KG's
  • Power: 900 Watts
  • Pump Pressure: 16 bar
  • Coffee thermostat: Boiler 100º / Thermoblock 95º
  • Steam thermostat 140º+ Safety Thermofuse
  • Steam pipe protector / Cappuccino/hot water pipe
  • Ground Coffee Only Version
  • Brass portafilter holder: 57mm
  • Simple Brewing Features - The BASIC begins great coffee with the simple push of a button that starts the flow of espresso and continues until you have the desired amount of coffee. Durable buttons comprise the control panel and all the controls are logically arranged and simple to use. Two lights tell you when the machine is powered up (left blue light on) and when it is at the proper temperature for either brewing espresso or steaming milk (right blue light on).
  • Quality Brewing Group - The grouphead (the component that accepts the coffee holder) is made of chrome plated brass. Designed after Ascaso's home espresso machines, the BASIC group head evenly distributes heat and reduces “hotspots” for more temperature consistent espresso. It has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.
  • Heavy Duty Coffee Holders and Filter Baskets - Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the BASIC uses a heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holder, which features a rugged plastic handle. The same filter coffee holder is used for ground coffee or for espresso pods. Single shot and double shot 57 mm diameter stainless steel filter baskets are inserted into the coffee filter holder when using ground coffee. The larger size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee.
  • 2 Liter Water Tank - The water reservoir is removable from the right side and can be filled while operating the machine or taken out and filled at the faucet.
  • 16 BAR Water Pump - The secret to a great espresso is a water pump that has the power to force water through the coffee grounds to extract the full flavor from the coffee. No worries here, you have more than enough pressure to extract the best of what your coffee has to offer. Please note that only 9 bar pressure is needed!
  • Drip and Cup Tray, Plus Cup Heater - The BASIC has a polished stainless steel drip tray cover and a plastic removable drip pan just underneath, both easy to remove and clean. The plastic cup-warming surface on the top of the machine lets you keep your espresso cups warm so your freshly brewed espresso does not cool too quickly once it hits the cup.
  • Brass Boiler - The brass boiler can get up to temperature quickly and stay there, with a fast recycling time. Two thermostats control the temperature for espresso and for steam, and a third thermostat that specifically monitors the boiler to protect it from overheating if the machine is left unattended for long periods.
  • Construction with Longevity In Mind - The BASIC is constructed of durable ABS plastic
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of Components - In order to keep the inside of your machine healthy; it must be periodically cleaned. Scale buildup from naturally occurring minerals in your water can build up on sensitive components like the inside of the boiler, which left unchecked can cause considerable damage to the machine. By descaling your machine every two-three months, your machine will be trouble-free for years. Descaler powders and water filters can be purchased on this site as well.
    Descaling and general cleaning is important even if you have a sophisticated water filter system, and especially if you use well water. Wastewater left over from routine dripping or brewing is stored in a removable drip tray that simply pulls out from the machine and it reinserts in seconds. The drip tray and water tank need periodic cleansing with dish soap and warm water.
  • Installation and Accessories - The BASIC requires no special plumbing or electrical outlets. Just plug it in and it’s ready to operate.


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