Brita AquaVend Cool Cartridge (315749) - Made Obsolete March 2019 So Contact Us Before Ordering

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* Improved carbon technology
* Simple installation
* Optimised water quality
* Compact filter size
* Effective particle retention

The benefits to you with BRITA AquaVend COOL:

Versatile: flexible installation even with limited
space ‰ۡóÁÌÎ?ÌÎ? the compact filter cartridges can be used either
horizontally or vertically

Efficient: extra-high capacity of carbon ensures uniformly
good water quality whatever the local conditions

Reliable: BRITA provides you with water that always has
the same precisely defined properties

Optimal: removes flavour / aroma additives and
particles impairing flavour

Carbon is used to remove unwanted flavour / aroma additives
and chlorine from the water. The filter system is also characterised
by outstanding particle retention.