Germicidal U.V. Lamps

Germicidal U.V. Lamps Are Low Pressure Mercury Vapour Discharge Lamps Consisting Of A Tubular Glass Envelope & Emitting Short Wave U.V. Radiation That Peaks At 253.7NM (UV-C) For Optimum Germicidal Effectiveness.

The Glass Tube Consists Of Either Borax Glass Or Quartz Glass Depending On U.V. Lamp Type & It's Application.

Germicidal U.V. Lamps Are Used For Killing Or Inactivating Bacteria, Viruses & Other Microscopic Germs. Typical Applications Include Air, Water & Surface Sterilization In Hospitals, Research Labs, Pharmaceutical Institutions, Food Processing, Dairies, Breweries & Bakeries. They Are Also Used For Disinfection Of Drinking Water, Waste Water, Swimming Pools, Air Conditioning Systems, Cold Storage Rooms & More.