150X Refraction Astronomical Telescope Kit Portable Tripod

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Clear aperture: 70mm (2.4 ″)
Focal length: 300mm.f / 4
Oblique mirror: 90 °
Maximum height: 38cm
Maximum magnification of this section: 150x (objective focal length / eyepiece focal length * several times Barov multiple = maximum magnification)
Caliber is the most important indicator for selecting a telescope. Caliber is directly proportional to clarity and price.
A. About function:
This one can weigh about 2 kilograms and can see the circular island of the moon. Tripod height: 38CM.
B. About configuration:
The focal length is 300mm and the caliber is 70mm. It is equipped with two eyepieces: H6 (for daytime viewing) and H20 (at night to watch the moon), and it is also equipped with a 3x Barov lens and a 1.5x orthographic lens, and a moon lens. Moon Mirror: Because there is a lot of reflected light interference when observing the full moon, using the Moon Mirror can eliminate these interferences and make the surface of the moon more clear. When using, please screw the moon lens into the thread on the lower part of the eyepiece, and then connect the eyepiece to the lens.
C. About multiples:
Eyepieces: H6mm, H20mm multiples: 300/6 = 50 times, 300/20 = 15 times. If a 3x Barov lens is selected, the multiples are 50X3 = 150x and 15X3 = 45x; plus a 1.5x positive lens, the image is a positive image, and the multiples are: 50X1.5 = 75x and 15X1 .5 = 22.5 times. That is: the minimum magnification: 15 times, the maximum magnification: 150 times.
D. Calculation formula:
Objective focal length / eyepiece focal length * several times Barov multiple = maximum magnification
Objective focal length / eyepiece focal length = magnification
E. Installation sequences:
Support the tripod first, and then attach the lens barrel. After the lens barrel is fixed, install a finder lens (used to initially find the target object) on the lens barrel, and then install the eyepiece (eyepiece 2 choose 1). After finding the big target, then debug with different eyepieces. Note: For the first time, be patient and patient! The possibility of astronomical badness is very, very small, not to mention that every telescope has been strictly checked before we released it.
F. Of course, the multiple is not the only one. It mainly depends on comprehensive factors such as caliber and focal length. For example, the windows of the house are large, the light is natural, and the view is clear. It is the same reason.
G、When using a 3x Barov lens, first install the Barov lens and then the eyepiece.
(To attach a Barov lens, you need to remove the cover from the eyepiece-equipped device.)
H. Note: Only two eyepieces (H6mm, H20mm) can be installed at the same time.
Two teleconverters (3x Barov and 1.5x positive) can only be selected at the same time.
Package Included:
1X Astronomical Telescope Kit