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A creative design of lollipops stand to hold your unfinished lollipops.

Do you often find yourself sucking on a lollipop, only to have to set it down to do other tasks? This is surely the number one problem affecting the lollipop industry of our time. No longer will your sucker gather dirt, debris, and dog hair every-time you need to set it down. Especially perfect for young kids who love suckers! This toy robot will hold your sucker for you, and preserve its integrity inside of its mouth until you're ready to continue eating it.

To use it, just insert your sucker into the robot's hands, then just press the button on the back of the robot to have him take it out of his mouth and hold it for you. Once you release the button, he'll automatically put it back in his mouth to keep it safe and clean until your next lick.

The  Lollipop Holder and saver are great for kids aged 3 and up, is made from plastic, and comes in three different colors to choose from. The robot sucker saver measures 7.3 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.

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    • Robot shaped lollipop holder
    • Keeps your sucker clean from dirt, dust, and debris
    • Great toy for sucker loving kids
    • Press button on the back to open and close mouth
    • Comes in three color choices
    • Easily cleaned
    • Holds most standard sizes lollipops and suckers
    • Comes with 1 robot sucker saver

    Package Content:
    - 1x Lollipop Holder

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