230v Brand New Nitro Cold Brew / Ice Coffee Machine / Dispenser

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230v Brand New Nitro Cold Brew / Ice Coffee Machine

What is Nitro Coffee (Nitrogen Infused Coffee)

Nitro coffee is just cold brewed coffee that has been infused with nitrogen. Nitro coffee = Nitrogen Infused Coffee.

How to Make Nitro Coffee (Nitrogen Infused Coffee)

Making nitro coffee involves forcing nitrogen into the coffee. Essentially, infusing the coffee with nitrogen. This process is also known as nitrogenating or nitrogenation.

It may look like a pint of stout, but it's non-alcoholic and made of coffee. The resulting caffeine high, which is further accentuated by millions of micro bubbles will certainly make you feel animated and merry & you can expect no hangover.

Enjoy convenient, economical, and delicious cold brew coffee at home or the office!  

Coffee lovers know that cold brew is the next big thing, and this system lets you pour cup after cup of fresh, cold coffee and it tastes better and stays fresh MUCH longer than standard coffee.
Create a beautiful, lacy head on each pour just like a well known famous Irish stouts trademark creamy head, but on a tasty iced coffee!

This product weighs 20 KG. It has 334 watt power with a 3/8" hose for the inlet & a 5/16" John Guest push fit for the Nitro.