3 Way Plastic Diverter / Selector Valve c/w 3/8" Push Fittings (For Gas & Water)

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A manual valve which allows flow to or from bottom port to or from either left hand port or right hand port controlled by the lever (illustration shows flow to/from bottom port and RH port - no flow to or from LH port).

Dimensions: 62mm x 44mm x 30mm

Weight: 48 grams

Manufactured from food grade raw materials.
Body, rotor, lever: Acetal (POM C)
Internal port seal: EPDM
Bolt Cover: LDPE
O seals: Nitrile

Connection: John Guest 3/8"  push fit

Designed for use with the following media: Air, CO2, N2, potable water

Operational temperature/pressure range:
+1OC to +60oC
0 to 60 psi

Manufactured in the UK.