5 In 1 Electric Massage Scrubber For Bathroom Body Shower Spa Brush Electric

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The new multi-function electric bath wipe, which integrates bath ball/bath wipe/massage/foot wipe/bath liquid leakage.
Well-designed shower gel controller
*You can put in your favorite shower gel or cleansing lotion, and control the appropriate dosage. You can also choose the site to use to achieve effective cleansing and exfoliating effects.
Comfortable bristles and massage function
*Cleansing brush: It can deeply clean and gently remove aging keratin and activate the skin.
*Bath brush: Gentle and effective cleansing, does not hurt the delicate skin.
*There are two massage functions to choose from.
Long handle electric massage bath five-purpose brush

(1) Long handle design (total length 36 cm, you can scrub any part of the body by yourself), waterproof design, replaceable brush heads (four brush heads are provided randomly);
(2) Press to automatically release the shower gel;
(3) Massage, rub the body to remove dead skin function;
(4) Bath ball, foam
(5) Foot rub. The brush contains rubbing stones in the middle of the brush. It rubs on the feet and can treat hard calluses, footpads, athletes' foot, etc., especially for patients with rough, chapped, and peeling soles of the feet. Repeated rubbing frequently can also massage the acupoints of the feet, accelerate microcirculation, adjust blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve fatigue, and promote human metabolism.
Personal use is clean and hygienic; send a portable bath net bag.
(6) Three AA batteries, two high and low adjustments

Product size: the total length of the long handle is 36 cm, the diameter of the brush head is 7.5 cm, and the length of the brush is 1.5 cm
Product material: ABS+silicone+motor
Color box weight: 620g
Color box size: 30.5*8*20.5cm
Product brush head: 5
Power supply: need to place 3 AA batteries (not included)
Use time: about 60 minutes (affected by the quality of the battery)

packing list:
1 *Host

5 *Replaceable brush head