60 x 750mg DHA Omega 3 Algae Oil Capsules With Essential Fatty Acids (No Fish Oil)

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60 Softgel Capsule Pack

Each Of Our 750mg Algae Oil Capsules Provides Over 240mg Of DHA

DHA Is A Component Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle And Is Essential For A Healthy Body And Aids Brain Development In Children And Adults

DHA Has Been Shown To Support Brain, Eye And Heart Health Throughout Every Stage Of Life

Sustainable Algal Alternative to Fish Oil

Also Contains Glycerin, Gelatin, Glucose, Pure Water & Sorbitol


Get Your Daily Recommended Intake Of Omega 3 DHA Oil In One Easy Tablet.

Supplementing with DHA Algae Oil may have the following benefits:

Support cardiovascular health

Aid cognitive brain development and function

Boost eye health

Improves memory

Reduces Imflammation

Supports a healthy pregnancy


Directions -
Take 1, 2 Or 3 Softgel Capsules Per Day With Water And A Meal. Do Not Exceed Recommended Daily Amount Without Consulting A Healthcare Professional. Keep Away From The Reach Of Children.


Always Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Any Dietary Supplements, Particularly If Pregnant Or Breastfeeding.


This dose may also help lower blood triglycerides, raise HDL, control inflammation, and lower blood pressure and heart rate.


Algae oil supplements may have a lower recommended dose than fish oil supplements because algae oil is more concentrated in omega-3s and in DHA; it is also formulated to be better for the human metabolism.


It is prudent to consult a medical practitioner before taking any supplements. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Please note that the advice given is a guidance and should not be treated as medical or dietary advice.