Bioguard Internal Water Cooler Sanitiser, 1 Litre Bottle

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3 Stage Formula

No need for test strips


Where to use:
To sanitiser the internal water tanks and components on water coolers, product is dosed into machine via inlet water piper or poured directly into the reservoir tank
Key Benefits v Competition
Unique colour indicator tells customer when product has flowed through the system and visually confirms all parts are being sanitised
Colour indicator also confirms when product has been flushed out of the watercooler, make it safe and easy to use. No need for test strips.
3 stage all in one mild descaling, cleans and sanitising formula.
Effective against bio-film as well as bacteria.
Cleaning card available to recommend cleaning regimes.
Usage/Dilution rates:
Should be used as part of regular sanitising and cleaning programme every 3-4 months. 25ml of solution for every 2 litres, typical tanks contain 2 litres of water but need to check watercooler tank spec in case larger tank used.