Bioguard Rejuvenator & Protector Cream

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    • Food safe

    • Reduces build up of scale 

  • A unique product making watercooler fascias look like new

Where to use: 

Rejuvenate and make watercooler fascias look liek new. Assist's in preventing scale from building up on machine panels, particularly if they're dark that often fade or get stained during use making them look unsightly and unhygienic.


Key Benefits v Competition:

  • Food safe 
  • Helps prevent and reduce build up of scale
  • Moisturises the plastic polymers to bring them back to life and makes watercooler fascias look like new


Usage/Dilution rates:

Use as part of regular cleaning regime, once machine fascias have been cleaned or descaled apply to surface with cloth and leave to soak in to plastic.