Brita Replacement Aqua Quell 06-BC Water Filter Cartridge (Without Head)

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Your advantages with BRITA AquaQuell 06-BC:
Low investment and reduced service costs
Easy filter exchange simply by the user
Use in existing installations also possible
Compact dimensions
Can be used horizontally or vertically
The advantages for coffee connoisseurs:
Best coffee aroma
Constantly high coffee quality

The AquaQuell Technology
specifically reduces the carbonate hardness in the water,
preventing scale deposits. Unwanted smells and flavours,
chlorine and heavy metals that impair the aroma and the
attractiveness of food and drink are removed. Furthermore, the
filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles.
Certified BRITA quality

Filter cartridges inspected for bursting pressure by Product Service*. The food quality of BRITA water filter products has been inspected and confirmed by an independent institute.