Brita Purity C1000 AC Cartridge (This Is For The Cartridge Only, Head Must Be Ordered Separately) (PAC1000)

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Brita Purity C1000 AC (Approximate capacity is 10'000 Litres)

Unpleasant tastes and odours and chlorine residue in the water impair the aroma and quality of cold drinks from machines.

Removes impurities from mains water such as chlorine and heavy metals. The special silveration of the BRITA activated carbon specifically prevents bacteriological build up. Due to an additional refinement process, practically no carbon particles are flushed out from the outset.

The AquaVend Technology
Removes unwanted tastes, odours and chlorine from the water using activated carbon. The special silver treatment of the BRITA activated carbon specifically stems bacterial growth. And an additional treatment process prevents the discharge of carbon particles.

Your advantages with PURITY C1000 AC Water Filter:

  • Versatile: flexible installation even where space is limited
  • The compact filter cartridges can be operated horizontally and vertically
  • Reliable: silver impregnation of the activated carbon stems bacterial growth
  • Efficient: extra high capacity of the BRITA activated carbon ensures constantly high water quality for all drinking water