Brita Undersink Water Filter & Sienna Kitchen Faucet Installation Kit

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This kit allows you to transform normal tap water into fresh & filtered water by drilling your work surface to allow you to fit the new faucet / tap & then the rest of the kit can be connected by you under your sink to link to your mains water & you can still have the use of your original kitchen tap.

The kit is supplied with the Brita Purity C50 filter cartridge but this can be upgraded to the Brita P1000 filter or any of the larger cartridges in the Purity C Series at a later date if required.

The filter can be used from anywhere between 6 & 12 months before they need replacing & can be fitted horizontally or vertically and removed & replaced by yourself in minutes without the need of any tools and without turning off your mains water.

This kit allows you to enjoy BRITA filtered water for just a few pence per litre & the kit contains a nice looking faucet, Brita filter head & Purity C50 cartridge along with a self cutting tap & the required fittings & tubing to install yourself.