High Pressure Toilet Plunger

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This High-Pressure Toilet Plunger plain, simple air to clean out the toughest clogs in your drains.

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    • No need for chemicals that can ruin your pipes or fumes that are dangerous to your family.
    • No time wasted waiting for drain openers to work.
    • No need for bacteria-laden plungers.
    • And no need to call a plumber.

    Pump this High-Pressure Toilet Plunger and pull the trigger - the clog is gone instantly. Food clogs, paper clogs, hair clogs are no match for the power of this powerful tool.

    The High-Pressure Toilet Plunger is a toilet clog and hair remover that uses pump air pressure and forces air down the drains of any sink, bathtub, bathroom shower, toilet with just a few pumps. One of the best drain plunger power blaster guns you can have. Uses only air pressure, NO NEED FOR TOILET UNCLOGGER LIQUID and protects your health from any toxic, caustic, smelling chemicals or liquids.

    Package Content:
    - 1x High-Pressure Toilet Plunger

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