Individual Eyelash Extension Silk

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Eyelash material: Faux mink, Korean PBT, Silk, 100% handmade

Curl: J B C CC D DD L L+

Features: Luxury, voluminous, ultra-lightweight, cashmere touch natural soft lashes

Stable Curl: The curl keeps stable for more than 1 year and thickness standard

Easy Picked: The foil back paper strip is easily peeled from the basis

Easy Removable: The lash is easily removable from the tape, thinner glue on the basis

Non-sticky: The lash does not stick together after removed from the transfer strip

ODM/OEM Service: customized boxes, private labels available, free design

Special material comes to features: light, natural, soft

*Can be removed from the tape easily.

*The shape keeps as original one over 1 year.

* High-quality wallpaper avoids any residue on eyelash holder, strong adhesive makes recycling.

*Tough package avoids any broken during the convey.

Feature: high quality Korean faux mink & silky eyelashes.

Ultralight, ultra-black, ultra intensive.

Material light, soft and glossy.