Keyboard Mechanical Mouse Combo Gaming Led Set

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(1)Keyboard: 433*126*33MM

(2)Mouse: 125*65*40MM

Number of buttons :

(1)keyboard: 104 keys;

(2)mouse: 3 keys (including scroll wheel)

*The above data is manually measured, there may be certain errors, which is normal;

Product data may change due to process improvements, please refer to the actual product received.

Package Includes:

1 x Wired Keyboard

1 x Wired Mouse

keyboard&Mouse Function

Wired Keyboard

1)Rainbow backlight effect

2)Floating button design, mechanical feel experience

3)Keycap concave design, comfortable feel

4)The back of the keyboard has an Adjustable tripod design for a better experience.

5)One button to turn on the light effect and turn off the light effect

Multimedia shortcut function

(1) Fn+F1=Homepage (7) Fn+F7=Next song

(2) Fn+F2=Mail ( 8) Fn+F8=Volume-

(3) Fn+F3=Search ( 9) Fn+F9=volume+

(4) Fn+F4=player (10) Fn+F10=Mute

(5) Fn+F5=Play/Pause (11) Fn+F11=My Computer

(6) Fn+F6=Previous song (12) Fn+F12=Calculator

Wired Mouse

1)The mouse has built-in colorful LED lights.

2)3D anti-skid roller design, Effectively solve the problem of sliding inaccuracy caused by sweat

3)Ergonomic design, comfortable feel