Lid Safe For Espresso / Coffee – Hygienic 3 In 1 Pick Up, Fit & Removing Tool

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Fitting The Lid

Simply place the “lid safe” over the top of the lid & pick the lid up, then place the lid on to the cup & applying a gentle downward pressure securing the lid firmly & safely onto the cup.


Removing the lid

Simply place the “lid safe” upside down sliding the “lid safe” cut out section under the lip of the cup lid then using a gentle upward motion remove the lid (Please note lids do vary in quality and strength and some may tear).


The “lid safe” makes the job of the Barista or customer much easier and faster along with making sure the lid is fitted correctly, securely & safely. This stops the problem of the cup or lid mis-shaping when its picked up due to incorrect fitting, avoiding the potential problem of the contents being split which can lead to people getting wet or even scalded.


This also allows for good hygiene practice as the Barista doesn’t need to touch the sip spout area of the lid with their hands when securing the lid.


To conclude the “lid safe” is designed to quickly, easily & safely secure a lid onto a cup and removing it again if required – first time every time.


The “lid safe” is made from a durable strong food grade stainless steel.


Lid Safe Care

Simply wipe clean with wipes or warm soapy water & it is dishwasher safe but DO NOT use in the dishwasher if you have purchased the model with the stainless steel retaining chain.