Lishi Key Cutter Locksmith Tool For Blank Keys

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Key Cutter Locksmith Supplies Car Key Cutter Key Cutter For Key Blank Cutting Machine Locksmith Supplies Cut Flat Keys Directly  

This key has been made of alloy with a structure of the turning between racks and gears, which can be used to cut flat keys directly. It is sharp and durable.
When using it, the No.1-bit-key can be cut out once, including (Auto Keys, MOTO Keys, and even if the door keys).
Besides, there is the graduation: 0.5-0.6  (mm) and centerline on the front of the cutting; so the locksmith doesn't need to use another tool when working.
No matter anywhere, any time, it can be used. So it not only brings convenience to locksmiths' work but also saves them much more time.