New Grade 9 1 GCSE English Shakespeare Romeo Juliet Revision Question Cards CGP

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Level & Subject: GCSE English Literature

First Teaching: September 2015   First Exams: June 2017

You can read over your study notes for Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet until you're blue in the face, but how much can you actually remember? Put your Grade 9-1 GCSE English Literature knowledge to the test with CGP's brilliant Revision Question Cards! There are 63 cards in the pack covering the key characters, themes, context, writer's techniques, plot and key events. There's also a section of cards focussing on key quotes in the text - great for helping to learn quotes in preparation for the exam. Each card starts off with quick questions to warm you up, followed by harder questions that require more thought, plus revision and exam tips. Flip the card over and you’ll find full answers to each question, carefully written to help you understand everything you need to know. Don't miss CGP's matching Romeo & Juliet Text Guide (9781841461182) and Text Guide Workbook (9781782947783).