Omnipure Q Series Q5654 Inline Water Filter Cartridge (Like Brita 06 Cartridge - Will Fit The Same Head)

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As with all Omnipure filters, the Q-Series is ideal for use in any situation where better tasting water is required - beverage equipment, reverse osmosis systems, drinking fountains, ice machines, and other point of use applications. The softening media removes hardness minerals calcium & magnesium. Often referred to as lime which unchecked produces scale deposits and cloggs beverage equipment, especially when heated water is involved.The cartridge is also capable of removing small quantities of dissolved iron, manganese, and radium from your water.

Q-Series - The ultimate "user friendly" inline filter series on the market today.


  • Service Life: 6 Months or 874 grains of hardness
  • Size: 2.5" in diameter by 12" in lenght
  • Fittings: Q-Series twist
  • Maximum Flow Rate: .5 gpm
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 psi
  • Maximum Temperature: 100F
  • Minimum Temperature: 35F
  • Filtration Media: C100E FDA food grade softening resin
  • Reduces: Hardness, Lime & Scale
  • Reduces: Iron & Manganese
  • Volume Cubic Inch: 35.5
  • Omnipure Q5654 has been tested for performance under NSF Standard 42