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This newest handheld anemometer is ideal for outdoor activities such as model aircraft Sailing, Surfing, Hand-gliding, Shooting and so on. There are three modes to choose from, Maximum, Average and Current wind speed. Wind Chill Indication; Data Hold Function Auto/ Manual Power Off; High Precision Pressure Sensor; Quick Response, External Thermistor.

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  • Multiple measured values - Wind speed range: 0.3-30m / s (up to 69mph) and wind speed accuracy: ± 5% dgts. Wind speed, temperature, and air cooling are on an LCD display. The digital anemometer handheld measurement wind speed is 5 units: m / s, km / h, ft/min, knots, mph.
  • Measurement items - Airspeed (wind speed), air temperature Wind speed range: 0-30 m/s, 0-90 km/h, 0~5860 ft/min 0~55 knots 0~65 mph.
  • LCD screen backlight display - Outdoors, even in the glare of the sun, you can see the display on the screen of wind speed meter, user-friendly design, easy to use.
  • With thermometer function - Wind temperature range: -10 - 45 °C (14-113 °F); Storage temperature: -40~60 °C (-40~140 °F)
  • A wide range of applications - Ventilation and exhaust, electricity, weather detection, outdoor sports such as sailing, fishing, surfing, kite flying, windsurfing, etc.
  • Ideal for educational purposes - Handheld anemometer is also ideal for educational purposes as Wind speed is displayed on a Beaufort wind scale bar graff, as well as in units, while the temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit after taking into account wind chill
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