Shine Armor Sealer Spray Car Wash Fortify Nano Coat Polish 100ml

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1. Scratch Repair: The car paint does not contain filler or wax. It can remove oxidation, scratches, and turbulence without damaging the paint! It even produces almost no dust!
2. Durable Protective Layer: High-performance coating can protect the appearance of your car, forming a coating, which is as shiny as new, and forming a coating after coating to restore the paint to its factory state.
3. Improve the Hardness: After spraying, the car paint can form a protective layer, reduce or avoid scratches caused by external forces, and reduce paint damage.
4. Self-cleaning Performance: Dust, dirt and other stains are easy to adhere to the paint surface, making the paint surface dirty. After painting, it has a lotus leaf effect and improves the self-cleaning and hydrophobicity of the paint surface.
5. Good Convenience: Simple two-step application, just spray and brush the smooth surface. High-temperature resistance, no burn marks, can effectively resist oxidation and discoloration caused by high temperature after painting, and make the paint brighter.

Name: Nano Coating Wax
Capacity: 100ml
Weight: about 130g

Packing List:

1 x Nano Coating Wax