Standard Brita Purity C Head, 3/8" BSP Male On The Inlet And Outlet (30% Fixed Bypass) (PCHEAD)

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Standard Brita Purity C Head c/w 3/8" BSP Male (30% Fixed Bypass)


This is just the Brita head on its own but the filters below can be purchased separately on this site:


Technical data:

  • PURITY C500 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 149/149/554 mm
  • PURITY C300 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 124/123/476 mm
  • PURITY C150 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 117/108/421 mm
  • PURITY C50 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 117/108/265 mm

Max. operating pressure: 8,6 bar
Operating temperature: 4 - 30 í«̴́C
Operating position: vertical, horizontal and overhead