Stop Snoring Nose Clip Sleep Tray Guard Night Device

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1. Comfortable to wear: Made of soft silicone, it is comfortable to wear and almost invisible. It is suitable for any shape of nostrils, safe and convenient, and can be reused.

2. Improve sleep pressure: unlock the cavity, breathe smoothly, eliminate nasal congestion, increase airflow, reduce the burden and pressure of the respiratory system and circulatory system.

3. Advanced quality: Made of high quality soft medical silicone, completely free of chemical foaming agents such as BPA. Make the product more durable for better and more effective breathing.

4. Safer and healthier: Eliminate or reduce snoring, make breathing easier, quieter, prevent infection, change breathing habits during sleep, and prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

5.Versatile: not only can prevent normal snoring, change breathing habits during sleep, prevent upper respiratory tract infections, but also improve breathing when catching a cold or a cold. This can make your breathing softer.

Material: Silicone

Color: Transparent Nose clip

size: approx 2*1.4*0.5cm(L*W*H) Case

size: approx 3.4*3.4*1cm(L*W*H) Net