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Wireless TV Headphones USB Connection Kit Lightweight Includes Television Audio Transmitter Adapter - Ideal for Private Watching

Bring Bluetooth headset to watch TV, return a quiet and comfortable environment for family

Breakthrough Is Now

Strong compatibility, easy to use, plug and play, universal audio equipment Bluetooth 5.0, Hi-Fi sound, Exemption from charging, Plug and play Drive free installation, Signal stabilization, Comprehensive compatibility, Red/Blue indicator

A computer connected Bluetooth speaker

with a Bluetooth adapter, you can use a Bluetooth speaker to connect your computer, Wireless listening is more free

Desktop Connect by Bluetooth

Let go of wired headphones for desktop computers, and enjoy music and games wirelessly

Enjoy the Music Wirelessly

Equipped with the new version of Bluetooth, more powerful, more stable sound quality

Drive Free Fast Pairing

Plug and play Bluetooth quick match connection is more convenient to use

10M Barrier-Free Transmission

There is no obstacle or dead angle in 10-meter propagation, and you can't miss every graceful note

Transmitter Mode(Red LED Bright)

Connecting a Bluetooth TV to wirelessly transfer audio home stereo or CD player to a Bluetooth headset or speaker

Receiver Mode(Blue LED Bright)

Wireless audio transfer via Bluetooth mobile phone tablet or laptop connected to wired speakers or headphones

How to connect?

1. first turn on the Bluetooth headphones

2. use the 3.5mm audio cable that connects the TV to the bluetooth adapter.

3. put the Bluetooth adapter to the USB plug and the Red LED flashing(if the adapter Blue LED flashing, unplug the adapter and plug it in again). 4. wait 10-20 seconds, the Bluetooth headphones will auto-connect the adapter, then you can use it.