Ultralight Spinning Reel Left Freshwater Fishing Reel

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*1. All-metal personalized line cup, different from ordinary line cup design, this line cup design is more personalized, and the vertical card slot design can make the fishing line winding more evenly without frying the line.

*2. The stainless steel main shaft is more sturdy, the fishing reel rotates more smoothly, tightly without deformation, and the application of freshwater is lighter and effective to protect the fishing reel and prevent breakage.

*3. Large-caliber unloading knob, accord with ergonomic design. The large diameter is more convenient, easy to unscrew, the material is strong and durable.

*4. The left and right hands are interchangeable, the nut can be easily twisted.

*5. According to the fishing friend's habits, choose the metal rocker + soft rubber handle for more comfort, anti-skid, and sweat-proof.

Model: MK1000

Color: purple

Net weight: 189.2g

Suitable for: horse mouth, micro-objects, etc.

Product List:

1 * MK1000 fishing reel