Water Install Kit, 15mm Copper x 1/4" Pushfit @ 2.8 Bar

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Mains fed cooler / vending & ice machine installation rail


  1. Double check non return valve, this is a legal requirement and prevents contamination from back flow.

  2. Pressure regulator, no more pressure build worries.

  3. Shut off system, turn the tap and shut off the water.

  4. Water block, safety shut off system (More information can be found at http://www.coolproducts.org.uk/product/WaterBlock_%28Overflow_Safety_Valve%29_3|4%22_BSPM_x_3|4%22_BSPF_HE100041.06)

  5. Reducer to 1/4" push fit.

Can I really attach my cooler / vending machine or ice maker attached in under 3 easy steps ?

1. Attach the install rail to the 15mm copper mains pipe.

2. Run some 1/4" OD pipe from your cooler / vending machine / ice maker etc. (This can be purchased at http://www.coolproducts.org.uk/product/John_Guest_1|4%22_OD_LLDPE_Tubing_In_Blue%2C_By_The_Metre_PE-08-BI-0500F-Bx1M)
3.Connect to the install rail and your away