WaterBlock (Overflow Safety Valve) 3/4" BSPM x 3/4" BSPF

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Flood Protection Systems


The Water block is a unique device designed to offer safe protection against accidental flooding without the need for electricity.

The device incorporates a mechanical water meter which monitors a pre-set volume of water, when the pre-set is exceeded the unit will close off the water supply. The water block is fitted with an integral filter system to guard against waterborne impurities. The unit is simple to install to any standard 3/4 BSP water connection and can be pre-set between 5‰ۡóÁÌÎ?ÌÎÌÕ50 litres.

When the Waterblock is activated to prevent flooding ( if the pre-set volume is reached) it will stop the flow of water. Without the external device, it would require you to disassemble the Waterblock in order to reset it. With the Reset, you can flick the red switch for a quick and easy way to allow the water to flow again without having to take the assembly apart.
í«ÌÎ_ Burst Pressure: 50 bar (500 N/cm)
í«ÌÎ_ Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar (100 N/cm)
í«ÌÎ_ Maximum Pre-set Volume: 50 Litres
í«ÌÎ_ Minimum Working Flow: 1.5 +/- 0.5 Lit/min
í«ÌÎ_ Maximum Water Temperature: 70í«̴_C
í«ÌÎ_ Life Expectancy: 3,000,000 Litres
í«ÌÎ_ Port connections: 3/4 BSPF x 3/4 BSPM
í«ÌÎ_ Approvals: WRC, TUV
í«ÌÎ_ Optional external reset: Max. 5 bar