WIFI Smart Touch Switch Standard Light APP Remote Control

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WIFI touch switch This product supports smart control supports APP: smart life, tuya, APP wireless remote intelligent control, can be turned on or off anywhere, working voltage 110V-240V supports work anywhere in the world, 

Model: A-WIFI-RF-1234

Number of control ways: 1 gear, 2 gear, 3 gear, 4 gear

Smart control: WIFI Network connection Mobile APP Smart Control 

Support RF remote control: RF433 wireless remote control \ effective distance 20m (remote control must be purchased separately)

Wi-Fi remote control: turn on / off lights from anywhere

Application Support: Free iOS and Android Mobile App (Smart Life)

Independent control: control each group separately

Synchronization state: Real-time device state made available on APP

Timing: Set the reservation/countdown timer to open/close at a specific time

Touch panel: Tempered tempered glass

Mechanical life: 100000 next

Size: 120 × 72 × 35mm

Power supply: AC110V-240V

Rated power: 1-1000W


1. The switch should be powered by the fire line and the neutral line. The wall switch of some houses may not have a neutral line.

2. White is the color we sell most, and customers like it.


1. Tempered glass panel, solid surface, no deformation and no fading, elegant and fashionable.

2. Fireproof material.

3. You can touch the switch button with a wet hand.

4. Sensitive touch, strong touch, capacitive touch effect.

5. Surface LED light, red is on (bright), blue is off (dark).

6.WIFI connection, remote intelligent control from mobile APP (support android and ios apps: doodle smart and smart life)