WiFi Smoke Detector Fire Sensor Alarm Security

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WiFi Smoke Detector Tuya Smart Life APP Control Smoke Detector WiFi Alarm Detector Smoke Sensor

This WiFi strobe smoke detector is the device that can detect smoke that occurred at the beginning of a fire disaster and generates live strobe &sound alarm, at the same time, push alarm information to the mobile app by WiFi.

1. Technical Parameter

Power supply:DC9V alkaline battery (no include 6LR61)

Static current:<10uA

Alarm current: <100mA

Working temperature:0℃ ~ +50℃

Humidity:≦95%RH,no freezing

Alarm sound:>80dB

Low battery alert:≦7.0V±0.2V 

2.Mute & Testing

Mute: in alarm status, press the ‘TEST’ button to mute the buzzer, only the LED indicator flashes.

Testing: in normal status, long-press the ‘TEST’ button for 2s to trigger the sound & light alarm, an alarm message is pushed to the mobile APP.

3. WiFi Configuration & Networking

Install the ‘Tuya Smart’ APP on your smartphone the first time you use the detector.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the WiFi.

a) Launch the APP, click ‘Add device’---’ Security Sensor’---’ Sensor (WiFi)’ / "Smoke(WiFi)".

b) Long press the ‘TEST’ button for 5s until LED flashes with a short beep of ‘Di’ (long-press the button within the 20s of loading the battery to enter WiFi configuration mode).

c) Click ‘OK’ in the APP---input password for the WiFi and click ’OK’, the detector enters configuration mode which lasts for 60s maximum.

A long beep of ‘Di’ with LED indicator on for 10s means the WiFi configuration is completed. When WiFi configuration fails, the detector exits configuration mode with a short beep of ‘Di Di Di’.

WiFi configuration is done based on the 3 steps above.

WiFi Networking Status: when the LED indicator is on for 10s after the battery is loaded, it means the detector is successfully connected to WiFi.

4 Installing method

a. Make a hole in the ceiling by using the percussion drill

b. Install the expansion tube on the ceiling

c. Fix the installation board by using the screw

d. Aiming the alarming device with the installing board and connect them, rotating clockwise till heard the “kaca” sound, means installing correctly.